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Each dragon featured at www.dragoncellar.com was painstakingly handcrafted by artist, Doug Flach, often referred to as The Dragon Man of Kamloops. Doug was born in Davidson, Saskatchewan, in 1940, in the year of the Dragon. His artistic endevours began when he was just 5 years old when a teacher boarding with his parents taught him how to sculpt things out of plasticine. He was fascinated with it. He sculpted until the age of 12 when peer pressure convinced him that he was too old to be playing with plasticine. After high school, Doug attended the Banff School of Fine Art. Unable to find his creative niche, he went to work for an oil company and eventually found himself selling office equipment in Kamloops.

After seeing a captivating, handcrafted clay dragon in a Vernon gift shop in 1986, Dougs childhood passion was re-kindled. He decided to try his hand at sculpting once again. His first dragon was produced from clay dug out of a Shuswap area creek bed and fired in a bonfire. He was hooked. Alas, he had found his creative niche. By the fall of 1988, Doug had quit his day job to devote his full time and attention to his art.

Dougs creations have been featured on CBC Radio, BCTV, countless newspapers and art journals, and even a Japanese art and hobby magazine. His dragons are available at at elite gift shops and collectibles retailers, and exclusively on the Internet at www.dragoncellar.com

Because each dragon is individually handcrafted, no two are exactly alike, thereby adding to their value and appeal. Dragons can even be custom crafted just for you!

The detail of his sculptures is incredible, but what captures the eye are the fantastic expressions so painstakingly shaped onto these fascinating creatures faces.

- Lesley Wasylenka, Shuswap Sun

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